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Dr Minesh Patel has been practicing since 2009 and has ample experience in both NHS and private dentistry and the everyday challenges general dentists face in practice. Minesh has completed only accredited training programs himself over the duration of his career including a 3 year masters degree in Aesthetic Dentistry from Kings College London as well as a year long Implant training program and a 1 year Periodontology PGC. All of these programs have mandatory competency assessment for them to be awarded. Since then Minesh constantly strives for perfection via constant application of modern techniques and materials in the fields of general, restorative, aesthetic and implant dentistry. He has been utilising dental photography as a daily necessity for his routine workflow not only to build a vast clinical portfolio, but to also inspire, educate and unite the profession whilst documenting historical cases and thus continuously improving on his standards and using his experiences to help educate others.

Following all courses, feedback is taken on board and relevant and productive comments will be implemented into future courses to better the programs. Every delegate will be provided with one to one personal support following completion of a course to ensure that  the transition of your skills to practice is a smooth and enjoyable one. This will enable you to ask any new or unanswered questions and ensure all development outcomes are fully met as well as allow continuous active participation and discussion of the training activity and any potential future case advice & reflection. Each delegate will be given a unique informative & pictorial training manual which will easily allow them to reference the training material efficiently and effectively following course completion. 


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